गौ अमृत - Premium A2 Gir Cow Milk

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100% Natural

Get Gau Amrit - 100% A2 Organic and Natural Milk

Farm Fresh

Get every day Farm-Fresh A2 Milk from our Cows

Natural Milking

Our hand milking process is 100% natural and adopted from our ancestors

No Adulteration

No adulteration at all and directly hygienically packed in glass bottles

Unprocessed Milk

Our elders used the unprocessed fresh milk and thats what we are delivering now

100% Desi Cows

We only have 100% Desi | Indian cows and thats why we only deliver A2 Milk only

गौ अमृत - A2 Milk Facts

A2 Milk is yield from Indian (Desi) cows and containes A2 type of protein (casein). A2 milk encourages better immunity and strong immune system.

A2 milk is big resource of different types of vitamins such as A, D B12 and calcium, potassium etc.

A2 Milk has Cerebrosides which increases brain power. It has Storntiom, which enhances body immunity.

A2 Milk has Omega 3 that cleans up cholesterol deposits and is only milk that has colostrum like "human Mother's milk.

Our Panchgavya Products
100% Natural & Organic

  • Gau Amrit - A2 Milk

  • A2 Gir Cow Ghee

  • White Makhan/Butter

  • Gaunyle

  • Gau-Ark

  • Natural Organic Manure

  • Cow Dung Cake

  • Cow Dung Log

  • Cow Dung Incense Sticks

Why All Love Our Products

Today people don’t mind paying extra for quality products, but the core word here is “Quality Products”. That’s what we promise and adhere to deliver. Other than this there are several reasons that make us unique and the most demanding dairy farm.

About Swarn Kapila Organic Dairy Farm

Swarn Kapila Organic Dairy farm, as the name suggests is a dairy farm but not an ordinary one. Our roots are deeply connected to rural culture of India. We are based in rural areas so that we can provide you with the naturalness and freshness of our products. At Swarn Kapila Organic Dairy Farm, we believe in the natural milking method and promote natural way of living too. Our speciality is that we only deal in Desi cow milk, especially Gir cow milk, which is A2 Milk. Though all desi cows give A2 milk but apart from this Gir cow’s milk is the best alternative for infants, it is very nutritious for children as it makes their heart, body and mind healthy. It also has Conjugated Linoleic Acid which is very important as it helps in reducing bad cholesterol which maintains a healthy heart.