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Welcome to our farm

Swarn Kapila Organic Dairy Farm, as the name suggests is a dairy farm but not an ordinary one. Our roots are deeply connected to rural culture of India. We are based in rural areas so that we can provide you with the naturalness and freshness of our products.

At Swarn Kapila Organic Dairy Farm, we believe in the natural milking method and promote natural way of living too. Apart from this we maintain hygiene and provide best in every field whether it best quality products for our customers or best food and environment for our cows.

The main aim of Swarn Kapila Organic Dairy Farm is to make it 100% sustainable without any support from outside i.e electricity, gas, etc.

Sarita Singh, CEO - Swarn Kapila Organic Dairy Farm

How do we manage the cattle waste at our farm?

Managing cattle waste is a big challenge, if not handled properly it can become a breeding ground for mosquitoes, can block the drains, also create odour in the atmosphere etc. But if utilised properly then it is a great source of natural manure, bio-gas, wall plasters etc. We, at Swarn Kapila Organic Dairy Farm, make sure that optimum utilisation of everything is being made. So to avoid all of the above mentioned issues we are using a number of methods, some of them are:

Handling Solid Waste

There are two ways that we pledge to follow to avoid solid waste, there’s one more that we plan to use in the near future. These are:
  1. Manufacturing of cow-dung products: Many cow dung products such as logs and cow-dung cake can be produced for selling purposes. Other than these there are many other products that too can be made out of cow dung such as incense sticks, wall-plasters, bricks etc.
  2. Composting: Cow dung is a natural manure, once it gets compost it becomes odour-free. It is the best fertilizer as it is organic and has all the essential nutrients which help the plant to grow. By adding cow dung manure in soil the moisture holding capacity of soil increases, also it enhances the resistance of plants against pests and diseases. At Swarn Kapila Organic Dairy Farm, we are using natural manure since a long time and growing green fodder for our Desi Gir cows.
  3. Bio-gas plant: Setting of a bio-gas plant is a future project, which will be brought in function when we will have enough cow dung. It is the best method to utilise solid waste when in large quantities. It provides three-way benefits - cooking gas, power generation and manure for crops.

Handling of waste water:

Managing waster waste in Swarn Kapila Organic Dairy Farm
  1. The physical build-up or nature in terms of immunity of desi cows is of such a manner that they can’t be bathed daily. They get sick if bathed on a daily basis. They can’t even be left outside if it's raining. So rearing desi cows, especially Gir cows, helps you in saving water in that way on a daily basis.
  2. Also to avoid the waste water in adding to the ground water, the floor of the shed is paved so that all of it goes to the wastewater collection system. This wastewater is later used in the farms and plants as natural manure.
  3. We strive to make full utilization of all the panchgavya products. The cow urine is stored separately so that it can be used for making ark, phenyle etc.

Air Quality Management

Odour Free Air Quality | Air Quality Management in Swarn Kapila Organic Dairy Farm
  1. The cow sheds are made of tin and bamboo with four sides open to adequate fresh air 24 hours. The fresh air removes the humidity, dissipates heat and prevents build-up of gases like methane, carbon dioxide, ammonia etc.
  2. At Swarn Kapila Organic Dairy Farm, we follow excellent housekeeping practices like maintaining adequate space for each cow, proper sanitary conditions, hygienic environment, protecting from unwanted pests, insects in order to reduce order nuisance.
  3. In Swarn Kapila Organic Dairy Farm, 100s of shaded trees and plants have been planted to develop green belt to protect from outsider insects and for fresh air round the clock.

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