Welcome to
Swarn Kapila
Organic Dairy Farm

Here you will find naturally fresh milk and its products without any artificial additives. You will also find a variety of products (made of Panchagavya) that are merchandise here with pride by our farmers with the help of our desi cows.


About Swarn Kapila Organic Dairy Farm

Sarita Singh, a post-graduate female entrepreneur who has returned from the UK, is at the helm of Swarn Kapila Organic Dairy Farm. Located in the Northern region of Delhi, our farm is intricately tied to the rich tapestry of India's rural culture, reflecting our deep-rooted connections. We are based in rural areas so that we can provide you with the naturalness and freshness of our products.

At Swarn Kapila Organic Dairy Farm, we believe in the natural milking method and promote natural way of living too. Our speciality is that we only deal in Desi cow milk, especially Gir cow milk. Though all desi cows give A2 milk but apart from this Gir cow’s milk is the best alternative for infants, it is very nutritious for children as it makes their heart, body and mind healthy. It also has Conjugated Linoleic Acid which is very important as it helps in reducing bad cholesterol which maintains a healthy heart.

We strive to provide our customers with natural resources only, that’s why we not only produce milk and dairy products but we also make full use of all the Panchagavya i.e. doodh, ghee, dahi, gobar and gaumutra. One would not believe that with just gobar (cow dung) only so many products can be made which are environment-friendly as well as so much of usefulness considering the present time. For eg. Incense sticks made of gobar as the main ingredient helps in keeping air around us fresh and bacteria-free upto 24 hours, other than that it also acts as mosquito-repellant.
Sameway gaumutra, we all know how useful it is in combating various diseases. Apart from its use for medicinal-purpose it helps in keeping our home bacteria free too when we use Gonyle ( Phenyle made with Gaumutra ark).

Origin of Idea

Our ancestors used to live a long and healthy life, as they were able to eat home grown food and keep cattles at home for milk and ghee production. They were able to manage all this as they had vast land to grow their own food and graze their cattles in a natural environment. But it's not the same anymore, the present generation is living in bigger cities but smaller apartments. If they even get time to make home-cooked food then that is more than enough, forget about home-grown. Sameway forget about keeping your own cattles. But then how to get the unadulterated and natural farm fresh milk? That was the question that made us think how to overcome this problem and get the best for our generation at least for the one living in Delhi-NCR. All this led to the birth of Swarn Kapila Organic Dairy Farm.

Our Goals

Main idea behind the opening of the Swarn Kapila Organic Dairy Farm is to provide the best milk type (A2 milk - benefits of A2 Milk) to our children. Another is to offer 100% natural milk (without adding harmful chemicals or adulterated one), quality dairy and panchgavya products to all.

Our Core Strength

Owning a large dairy farm in Delhi-NCR, it leads to home-grown cattle feed (no use of pesticide, only natural manure as fertilizer), and cows get to graze in an open and natural environment. Natural hand-milking process is used at Swarn Kapila Organic Dairy Farm. So fresh, natural, unadulterated and bottled milk is provided at your doorstep.